Love for Sale
(Part One)

Summary: A different story of Clark's stay in Metropolis.

Notes: Thanks to everyone who read this story over on LJ and gave me feedback and encouragement on it. You guys are the best! Special thanks to Corinna for thinking of the title, Meret for making me a perfectly scrumptious cover for it, and XniteLite for letting me borrow the title from her Fortune magazine Lex icon.

Warnings: Rated NC-17. m/m

The strobe lights flashed in an epilepsy-inducing burst on the dance floor. Bodies writhed. The scent of sweat rose in the air, the smell of boys and girls and the heat of promised sex. Lex leaned against the wall, watching, a little bemused by the desperate frenzy to connect, touch, taste, take. He himself was a connoisseur, patient, choosy. Tonight, he had come to the club for a specific purpose, a particular someone, and he had the discipline to wait.

The object of his interest was shirtless and swaying, dancing by himself, black leather pants riding suggestively low on his hips, a clear invitation. Or perhaps, more accurately, advertising, since this ride wasn't free.

The buzz around the men's room was that this new kid was something special, no gag reflex and apparently could do tricks with his tongue that weren't completely human. He was certainly the prettiest thing Lex had seen in a long time, tall and dark-haired with bright eyes and a pouty mouth, just the way he liked them. Lex knew his way around hookers and had no illusions about them. But there was something about this boy that made him think this might be more than a quick, dirty fuck. He couldn't remember the last time he'd thought that about anyone.

He snapped his fingers. "Tyson."

One of his vast array of hangers-on instantly materialized. "Yeah, Lex? You need something?"

Lex handed him a hundred dollar bill. Cocksucking talent like this pretty kid's fetched a handsome price. "Go get yourself a blowjob from the new boy," he said. "Make sure it's out in the alley."

Tyson's eyes got as big as a kid's on Christmas. "Wow. Thanks!" He was practically drooling, and for a moment, Lex thought about grabbing his money back. The idea of his beautiful boy with a mouthful of this imbecile's cock didn't sit well with him. But Lex was conducting research, and sacrifices had to be made sometimes in the pursuit of knowledge.

"Go on," he told Tyson, impatiently.

Tyson sidled over to the kid and whispered in his ear, nodding in the direction of the door. Lex slipped into the alley ahead of them and blended into the shadows. A moment later, Tyson came out, the kid by his side.

The boy didn't waste any time. He pushed Tyson back against the rough brick of the wall, opened his pants and dropped to his knees.

"Close your eyes," he said.

Tyson laughed. "Whatever you say."

The kid went down on him, and then the only sounds were soft little slurps and Tyson's increasingly frantic moans. Lex was rock hard in no time. He would have liked to slip his hand inside his pants, jerk himself off, pretend it was the boy touching him. But this was research, and he had to pay attention. Had to know if this boy was as special as he suspected.

The kid held Tyson's hips firmly in place, his head bobbing faster and faster until it was practically a blur, and Tyson was screaming the way a man only did when someone was trying to kill him or giving him the blowjob of a lifetime.

Tyson didn't so much come as explode, voice hoarse as he cried out, eyes squeezed tightly shut, fists clenched at his sides. The boy swallowed and swallowed, and when Tyson was finally finished, gently tucked him back into his pants.

"There you go," he said.

"Uhhhmmm," Tyson said incoherently, staggering back into the club, shaky-legged.

Lex licked his lips in anticipation. He'd been right. This kid had a lot more to offer than just his ass. Although there was that, too.

The boy didn't move, just stayed on his knees on the ground. "Do you want your turn now?"

Lex realized, with a start, that he was talking to him. He stepped out of the shadows and approached him. "That was quite a show." He put his hand lightly on the boy's arm and urged him to his feet. He wanted that mouth, but not furtively in a dirty alley where anyone could see.

"I aim to please." The boy tried to sound sophisticated. But the light from the street lamp fell across his face, and Lex could see the lurking innocence there.

"You can do better than this."

The boy smiled. "Yeah?"


"With you?"

Lex shrugged. "With me. Without me. Lots of ways you can go."

The boy moved closer. "I'd like to try with you, if it's up to me." He rubbed against Lex's thigh.

God. The kid was hard.

It's a game, Lex reminded himself. Hookers always do this. Always play you.

But he was already lost. His fingers dug in at the kid's waist, pulling him hard against his body. His mouth moved over the boy's.

The kid tried to turn his head. "I haven't had a chance to--"

Lex didn't care. It might be Tyson's taste in the kid's mouth, but Lex could easily imagine that it was his own. He kissed greedily, and the boy relaxed against him. His tongue came out to play, and Lex didn't care what it cost, even if it was every last thing he owned, this boy was going to be his.

"What's your name?" he asked breathlessly, between kisses.

There was a pause. "People here call me Jerry."

"Is that what you want me to call you?" He mouthed the line of the boy's jaw and could feel him tremble.

"Clark," the kid said softly. "That's my real name."

"I'm Lex," he said. "And I'm going to take you home now, Clark. We can talk over financial arrangements in the car, if that's acceptable to you."

The boy's hand drifted down to Lex's ass and rested there as if Lex were the one for sale. "I think that'll be just fine." He smiled, more sweetly than any hooker ever had in the entire history of prostitution, Lex felt certain.


Clark stretched out his long legs in the passenger seat of the Ferrari, and it took all of Lex's vaunted discipline to keep his attention on the road. The kid had acquired a shirt somewhere between the alley and the parking lot, a dark blue silk number, but he'd left it unbuttoned, his chest temptingly displayed. Ferraris were intimate cars, and Lex was profoundly aware of his presence, his scent, his heat. It took the thought of crashing and burning and never getting to touch all that golden skin to watch the road and not the boy sitting next to him.

The kid, however, seemed far less concerned about safety. He put his hand on Lex's thigh and started to stroke and knead.

"We were going to talk money first," Lex blurted out, his voice cracking a little, much to his embarrassment. He'd been hard since he'd watched him dancing, and every touch of that large, strong hand on his leg went straight to his cock, arousing and distracting him.

"Mmm," the boy said, noncommittally. He expanded his explorations, tracing the outline of Lex's eager erection with his finger.

"Clark!" Lex said sharply. "Not while I'm driving."

"No?" his expression was wide-eyed and innocent, even as he cupped Lex's crotch, fondling him through his pants.

Lex was beginning to suspect Clark's charming naivete might well be the biggest hustle going. But he couldn't quite bring himself to care, not when everything the boy did made him feel like he was about to unravel.

The boy leaned in, kissed behind his ear. "I don't think you really want me to stop."

"Wouldn't it be a good idea to reach a financial agreement before--"

Making me come in my pants was what sprang to mind, but he chose not to say it.

The kid mouthed his ear lobe. "I know you're good for it."

It took every ounce of control Lex had not to tremble at the sensation of warm breath against his skin. "A thousand a week." The boy made a soft noise as he kissed Lex's neck that sounded suspiciously like a laugh. "A thousand dollars a week to live in a luxury penthouse and wear the finest clothes and dine out at the best restaurants is not really such a bad deal--"

The kid licked along his jaw line, and Lex sucked in his breath. "Okay," he said, shakily. "Two thousand." Keeping the car off the sidewalk was becoming more of a challenge.

"Mmmm," the boy murmured, burying his face in the curve of Lex's neck, pressing the heel of his palm against Lex's crotch.

"Three thousand." It came out a high-pitched squeak.

Thank God his apartment building was finally in sight. If this trip wasn't over soon, either they were going to end up wrapped around a telephone pole, or he was going to offer this kid his whole damned stock portfolio just to keep that talented hand on his dick.

He pulled into the circular drive and parked in front of the door. "Well?" he asked.

Clark took his face in his hands and kissed him deeply. "Three thousand a week sounds fine, Lex." He smiled sweetly and bounded out of the car like an overgrown puppy.

Lex sighed, got out, and handed the keys to the valet. He had the definite feeling he'd just been outmaneuvered by a teenager. The boy flashed him another brilliant smile before heading inside through the sliding glass doors. Lex let him go ahead, enjoying the fine view of his shapely ass in his low-slung leather pants.

Suddenly, three thousand dollars a week seemed like the deal of the century.


On the way up to the penthouse, Lex gave himself a mental talking-to. He was an experienced veteran of Metropolis' nightlife, a successful businessman and a Luthor, for God's sake. There was no excuse for allowing himself to be played by a street hustler. Still, it wasn't too late to take back control of the situation. He was the one who'd be writing out those three thousand dollar checks, so he was the one calling the shots. It was time to make that clear to the boy.

His plan to demonstrate who was boss hit a little snag, though, when he closed the door to the apartment, and the kid set on him like some ravenous wild thing, pushing him back against the wall, pressing their bodies together, rubbing his hard-on against Lex's thigh.

"Shit!" Lex swore softly.

"Mmmm." The boy licked a hot swipe up the side of Lex's neck, making Lex even harder than he had been before, something he would not have thought possible.

The boy slowly dropped to his knees, caressing Lex with his body as he went. He pressed his nose against the bulge in Lex's pants, breathing him in. "I could smell you in the car." He mouthed Lex's erection through the fabric. "Mmm. So good. So hot."

Lex sucked in his breath. "God."

The boy smiled, lowered his zipper, took out his cock, and then Lex lost the ability to speak altogether. Because research was one thing, but experience was something else entirely. Watching the kid suck Tyson in no way prepared him for the reality of having that pretty, talented mouth wrapped around his own dick. Wet heat, soft lips, wicked tongue, and the kid was making these little yummy noises like going down on Lex was better than ice cream. Lex closed his eyes and made some noises of his own, so pitifully needy he was sure he'd be embarrassed about it later. Not once, not even twice, but three times, he banged his head against the wall, hard enough to worry about leaving marks on the plaster.

The kid wiggled one of his fingers into his mouth alongside Lex's cock, and the hot ache low in Lex's belly became a serious inferno. The kid pulled his finger out with a soft pop, lusciously obscene, reached behind Lex's balls to stroke the sensitive skin, and that was it, all she wrote. Lex came the way people had seizures, suddenly, violently, the world going dark, his knees threatening to give out. Clark held him up and swallowed him down and gently licked him clean when he finally stopped spewing like a geyser.

Lex gasped, trying to catch his breath, but the kid wasn't the patient sort. He scrambled to his feet, covered Lex's body with his own and kissed him in big, greedy gulps. Lex could taste himself in the kid's mouth, so much better than tasting some other man there, and he threaded his fingers through the boy's hair, holding him still, kissing back frantically, desperate for more.

Finally, the boy pulled away, color high in his cheeks, big green eyes sparkling. "Shouldn't we move this into the bedroom?" He took a step back, smiling seductively, letting his shirt flutter to the floor.

Then he was just gone, so fast Lex didn't even see him go. He followed a trail of discarded clothing down the hall, the leather pants, one shoe and then the other, but no underwear, because of course Clark hadn't been wearing any. In the doorway to his bedroom, Lex came to a sudden, surprised stop. The boy lay sprawled on the bed, all bare skin and lean muscles and huge, hard, gorgeous cock.

He smiled. "Why don't you take off your clothes and join me?"

Lex's dick made a valiant effort to get hard again, even though it was really too soon. He took a deep breath and tried to rein in his lust. He'd completely lost sight of his game plan, and the longer he let this go on the harder it was going to be to take back the upper hand.

"Aren't you forgetting who's paying who here?"

The boy shifted on the bed, showing off his body, blinking innocently. "Don't you want to get naked with me?"

Lex could feel the blood pounding in his temples. His throat was dry, and really, there wasn't anything to say to that except an emphatic hell, yes!

The boy slid gracefully off the bed. "Or maybe you want me to do it for you?" He stalked over to Lex, who was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe.

He blinked, and Clark was suddenly on him, kissing, touching. Nimble fingers undid his buttons, pushed down his pants, and Lex had the fleeting thought, possibly for the first time in his life, that being in control might be just a little bit overrated.

"God you're beautiful." It could have just been hustler talk, but Clark's eyes were serious, his gaze intent as he stared at Lex's bare chest, stroked his hand down Lex's side. "Bare everywhere. I always wondered."

"Childhood accident."

Clark's hand stilled. "I'm sorry."

"It was a long time ago." Lex tangled his fingers in the boy's hair and pulled him in for a hard, demanding kiss. "Now go get on the bed." It came out as an order. Clearly he was starting to feel like himself again.

Clark moaned softly, licked Lex's bottom lip, nipped at it playfully. "Whatever you say."

He sauntered back to the bed and lay down, lounging against the pillows, watching, waiting. Lex shrugged out of his shirt, stepped out of his pants and kicked them away. His cock was hard again, straining, and he stood there a minute, letting the kid look at him. The boy's eyes turned a darker shade of green, he seemed to breathe faster, and his fingers clenched in the bedspread. Either he was more practiced in the fine art of pleasing a customer than Lex would have expected, or else he just really, really liked sex.

Either way, he was all Lex's, and that thought made his cock jerk in anticipation.

He stretched out on the bed beside the boy, who started to reach for him. But Lex pushed him back down. "Just stay there."

Clark's eyes were bright, and they never left Lex's face. He lay back against the pillows, licking his lips, arms flung wide, legs spread, offering himself up, whatever Lex wanted to do. So much warm skin, so much beautiful boy to explore, and Lex had a keen appreciation for every single inch. The hollow of his hipbones. Sweet texture of his nipples. Bend of his elbows. Dip of his belly. Lex mapped Clark's body with light brushes of his fingers, the soft play of his lips, darting tease of his tongue.

Clark trembled, opened his legs wider and begged, "Please!"

Such a pretty sound, and Lex kissed his way up one thigh, the boy's eager cock brushing his cheek, leaving a slick trail.

"Please, please," the boy pleaded breathlessly.

Lex wrapped his fingers around the kid's cock. It felt good in his hand, the right size, right heft. He circled his thumb over the head, and the boy sucked in his breath, his belly trembling. He bent his head, licked lightly along the shaft, teasing, before finally taking it in his mouth.

Clark moaned, his eyes wide and startled. As impossible as it seemed, apparently no one had ever sucked this kid's beautiful cock before. If Lex had needed any extra inspiration to make the boy's eyes roll back in his head, this surely was it. He tongued along the underside, teased the slit and then finally took the boy's cock deep into his throat, all the while tracing patterns along the insides of his thighs.

Little sounds streamed out of Clark--gasps and grunts and whimpers--and each one sizzled through Lex's body, blazing a path straight to his cock. He jerked himself off with a sharp snap of the wrist. He could feel Clark getting close, the chorus of appreciative noises getting louder and more frantic.

Clark flailed, tried to pull away. "I have to-- I'm going to--"

Lex held his hips down, sucked him harder, stroked himself more urgently. He was getting close, too. The boy's feet kicked out, and he screamed and came in Lex's mouth, at almost the same time Lex spurted in his own hand.

Lex licked his lips and sat back on his heels to enjoy the view. Sweat beaded on Clark's forehead. His cheeks were flushed. He panted and looked slightly dazed. Lex smiled, pleased with his efforts. He scooted up to lie next to Clark, leaned over and kissed him lazily. He kept his eyes open, and the expression on the boy's face was sheer amazement at tasting himself in someone else's mouth. Lex enjoyed it probably more than he should have, but to be able to give Clark his first time at anything was more than he could have expected.

He settled down and pulled Clark into his arms. This felt right too, Clark's head on his chest, their bodies a perfect fit.

"Um. Are you sure this is okay? I could--" Clark trailed off.

Lex tightened his arms around his shoulders, stroked his hair. "Stay."

He felt Clark's smile against his chest and then the soft brush of his lips. Lex sighed softly and a warm sense of contentment spread through him. It was an illusion, of course. Clark was his employee, not his lover, and every murmured sweet nothing was simply part of his job description. Still, it felt good to have the boy in his arms, to stroke his back, hold him close and pretend this was something real.


When Lex woke the next morning, his first thought was that someone was moaning. Once a few more sleepy synapses started to fire, he realized it was him. This gave his consciousness a good, hard jolt, and other details started to register. Hands on his hips. Silky hair tickling his thighs. The soft sounds of slurping filling the quiet room. The fact that his entire groin was on fire, in the best possible way.

He opened his eyes, and, yes, this really was how he wanted to start the day, every day, for the rest of his life. Clark knelt between his legs, his mouth stretched around Lex's cock, one hand gently cradling his balls, watching Lex intently, his eyes bright with lust, or possibly amusement. Lex could just imagine how startled he must look. Even if you were a billionaire playboy, it wasn't every day you woke up with your cock in someone's tight, hot throat.

Clark's eyes locked onto Lex's. He reached very slowly, very deliberately behind Lex's balls, fingers stroking softly, moving back to Lex's hole, his thumb circling, not pressing in, just rubbing and teasing. Lex sucked in his breath and bit his lip and promptly came.

Clark caressed Lex's hips while he swallowed and afterwards pressed a gentle kiss to his spent cock. Then he stretched out over Lex and kissed him.

Lex threaded his fingers through Clark's hair. "You're very bold, you know."

Clark smiled confidently. "You like me that way." He kissed Lex again.

"Mmm. Maybe." He studied Clark. "I've never met a paid escort quite as eager as you, that's for certain."

Clark's eyes sparked defiantly, and he pulled away. "I like sex. I like having sex with guys. Is there something wrong with that?"

"No. Of course not." But Clark didn't appear mollified. "Hey." He pulled Clark back down for another kiss. "I like sex with guys too, as you may have noticed."

Clark's face softened. "You like sex with me, you mean." He grinned.

"Mmm." Lex kept his tone non-committal. Admitting just how much he liked it wasn't how you played this game.

"Can I ask you a question?" Clark's eyes were wide with curiosity.

Lex shrugged. "Sure. But it'll cost you."

Clark raised an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah?"


"How much?"

"An answer to something I want to know in exchange for each question you ask me. Reasonable, don't you think?"

Clark smiled. "A downright bargain." He shifted onto his side. "So what I want to know is…why do you pay?"

"It's hardly a good business practice to default on your debts."

"You know what I mean." He ran his hand down Lex's side, over his hip, along his thigh. "You're gorgeous. You could have anybody. But you still--"

"Opt for professionals?"

Clark nodded. "I noticed you around the club, you know. A long time before you noticed me. And I always wondered about that."

Clark was wrong, of course. Lex had noticed him the moment he first stepped foot in the place, and he'd been fascinated ever since.

"I've had some-- Let's call them unfortunate entanglements. I find an arrangement like ours less costly in the long run."

Clark frowned. "How unfortunate?"

"Not so fast. I get to ask you something first."

"That's just a follow up," Clark insisted.

"I don't remember that being part of our agreement."

Clark sighed. "Fine. Go ahead. Ask me."

Lex studied him. "Exactly how much sexual experience have you had?"

Clark went still. "You're not happy with--"

"I didn't say that."

"If you're trying to get the price down, we already agreed--"

"This isn't a trap, Clark. It's just a question. Last night, I got the distinct impression that you'd never had your cock sucked before, and that seemed kind of curious to me for someone in your line of work."

"The guys who pay like my mouth," Clark said, clearly embarrassed by the topic. "Nobody ever wanted to do it to me."

"But that would imply--" His thoughts raced. "You never had sex before you started working?"

Clark lowered his eyes, shook his head.

"Wasn't that kind of-- I mean, didn't you--" Lex didn't even know quite what he meant to say. The thought of Clark having his first time with some asshole customer who saw him as nothing more than a convenient mouth to fuck was just profoundly wrong.

"I was kind of a different person then," Clark said softly. "When I first started. Things mattered less."

That sounded distinctly like drugs, but Clark didn't seem the type.

"Did you let guys fuck you?" Lex asked. "If nothing mattered."

"No. I didn't want--" He blushed, looking like the kid he was.

"Why not? If you were so different then. I'm sure you could have made good money at it."

The boy turned redder. "I just-- didn't want my first time for that to be in an alley."

Lex nodded. That made two of them.

Clark kissed Lex's neck. "But in your bed-- that's a whole other story." He reached for Lex's cock, but Lex batted his hand away. "What?" Clark asked sulkily.

"Not while we're talking."

Clark let out his breath impatiently and flopped onto his back. "Not while you're driving. Not while we're talking. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a lot of stupid rules?"

Lex refused to be baited. "I just want to understand how you ended up in Metropolis."

Clark laughed unpleasantly. "I had some problems. Made some stupid mistakes. I'm sure you've heard it all before."

Lex had expected a story about parents who weren't overjoyed to learn they had a gay son, but this sounded like something else entirely. "Maybe it's not as bad as you think. Maybe--"

"No," Clark said sharply. "I answered your question. It's my turn now."

Lex sighed. "Fine."

Clark turned onto his side, interested again. "What you were saying before. How unfortunate was it?"

Lex took a deep breath. "Pretty fucked up, I'm afraid. A couple of wives who tried to kill me. More than one boyfriend who stole from me. I'd just had enough."

Clark stared. "You were married to someone who tried to kill you?"

He took Clark's hand and guided it to the small puckered scar on his side. "This was from the first wife."

"She shot you?" Clark sounded horrified.

"Had one of her students do it. She was a high school teacher. Fortunately for me, the kid was scared shitless and just nicked me."


"And then, the most recent one--" He moved Clark's hand down to the long, gnarled scar running along his thigh. "She was even more of a planner. Arranged a plane crash over the ocean on our honeymoon. I got this from debris in the water while I was waiting to be rescued."

"Jesus, Lex."

"That's why I prefer a more business-like arrangement. I know what to expect."

Clark kissed him. "I'm not like them," he whispered against Lex's lips. "I promise."

Lex kissed him back, fingers clenching in his hair. It was surprisingly easy to believe him.

He pushed a curl back behind Clark's ear and studied his face. If he was lucky, he might be able to sneak in one more question.

"They must miss you." He took a gamble.

Clark looked confused. "Who?"

"Whoever you left behind."

"There wasn't--"

"Don't. If you're not going to answer, okay. But don't lie to me."

Clark pulled out of his arms, seemed to curl in on himself. "I really fucked things up," he said softly. "And hurt people. That's why I had to leave. So, no, I don't think they miss me too much."

Lex frowned. He couldn't imagine Clark intentionally harming anyone. "But if it was some kind of accident--"

Clark sat up abruptly. "Look, I'll do anything you want in bed. But I'm not going to answer a bunch of questions about my life so you can feel sorry for the poor, screwed up hooker. Okay? And if that's not good enough for you, then I can leave right now."

Lex moved quickly and grabbed his arm. "Or you could stay and go take a shower, and then we could spend the day together." He kissed Clark's neck and felt him start to relax.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Clark asked, still somewhat on guard.

"Oh, lots of things." He kissed along Clark's jaw. "Shopping. Going out to lunch. Coming home." Taking your cherry. He smiled.

After all, it wasn't only information he wanted from Clark.

Clark draped his arms around Lex's neck and leaned in to his kisses. "That sounds good. But--" His face went serious. "No more questions. I mean it."

He gave Clark his most winning smile. "No problem."

"Okay then." Clark scooted off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. "Are you coming?"

"I'll be right there."

Clark disappeared through the door. Lex got up and took out a notebook from his bedside drawer. He made a few notations. He'd have his people do some checking in the towns surrounding Metropolis, look for families with a missing teenage son who'd also suffered some other loss, possibly involving an accident.

He put the notebook away. Clark intrigued him, but as eager as he was to know everything about him, delving into his past would have to wait. He knew he was serious about not answering any more questions right now. And Lex had more important things to focus on, anyway. There was a stunningly beautiful boy waiting in his shower. No doubt he could use some help washing his back.


It was a beautiful afternoon. The heavy, late-summer sun played over the glasses and silverware at the outdoor cafe, making everything sparkle. Lex sat sprawled in his chair, enjoying the sight of Clark, who was wolfing down a cheeseburger and fries with great gusto. They'd spent the last few hours making the rounds of Lex's favorite shops, picking out Clark's new wardrobe, including the striking blue shirt and black slacks he was wearing now.

The new clothes were finely cut, perfectly fitted, made from the most luxuriously touchable fabrics, and in them, Clark was beyond stunning. Lex had noticed heads turning as they'd walked down the street. He'd even heard two women whispering together, trying to guess which fashion ads they'd seen Clark in. It had given Lex a smug sense of satisfaction, knowing that they could look but not touch, that this beautiful boy was all his.

Of course, Lex had taken lovers shopping before. He'd even outfitted a few other prostitutes in his day. But this had been different. Better. There was nothing greedy or grasping about Clark. He was as happy with an Old Navy T-shirt as he was with a Hugo Boss leather jacket. There was something honest and refreshing about his delight, like a little kid at Christmas, that made Lex want to take him to store after store, ply him with every imaginable luxury, just to watch his face light up.

Lex liked seeing him happy. He liked it a lot.

Clark caught his eye and smiled. He put down his burger and leaned in. "Is it okay if I kiss you in public?"

Lex traced his finger over his impossibly lush mouth. "Please. I live to make other people jealous."

Clark laughed and brushed his lips against Lex's, lightly at first, licking teasingly before advancing on Lex's mouth in earnest.

"Mmm," Lex murmured, savoring the taste of him.

Clark pulled back, let his hand wander over Lex's thigh. "So what do you want to do next?" he asked.

"Did you have something in mind?"

"Yeah, actually." Clark rubbed his hand in circles, drifting slowly up Lex's leg toward his cock. "I was thinking maybe we could go home." His eyes were heated, full of promises.

"I'll get the check."

Clark smiled. "Great idea."

Back at the penthouse, they hauled Clark's many packages upstairs and put them down in a pile in the living room. Clark flopped onto the sofa, looking adorably ruffled after his shopping spree.

Lex went to the bar and poured himself a Scotch. "So let's see everything on you." He settled in a comfortable chair and smiled expectantly.

"But you've seen it already."

"Not all put together. And in bad dressing room lighting. Go on."

Clark raised an eyebrow. "Here?"

"Why not?" Lex smiled. "The servants have gone for the day."

Clark grinned and unbuttoned his shirt. "Why not then?"

Lex took a sip of his drink and savored his sense of anticipation. Trying on clothes in the stores had been practical, business-like, yes or no, what color, how many. Dressing rooms were always too small and too hot and far too public to linger and enjoy. But here at home, they had all the space they needed, perfect lighting, complete privacy and a soft bed waiting for them when the show was over.

Clark took off his shirt and flung it carelessly over the back of the sofa. He shucked his pants unselfconsciously, stripping down to the skimpy black bikini briefs Lex had picked out for him personally. Of course, he'd seen Clark naked, touched him everywhere. But there was an undeniably erotic thrill in watching Clark stand there in nothing but his underwear, all that rippling strength on display, the fine line of hair on his belly disappearing into the waistband of his briefs, like a suggestive arrow pointing the way to the promised land, the snug fabric emphasizing Clark's considerable assets rather than hiding them.

Lex licked his lips. He was already hard. "The red shirt. And the jeans." It sounded like an order.

And Clark took it that way. He nodded, kept his eyes lowered, almost submissively, although his nature was anything but passive, and that made Lex even harder. Lex watched as he covered up all that beautiful skin, and there was a charge in that too, knowing that the clothes would soon come off again, the most delicious kind of tease.

Clark adjusted his shirt and turned around. "Well?"

"Walk for me."

Clark looked a little skeptical, but he didn't argue. He walked up and down the living room floor, not prancing or sauntering, not trying to imitate models on the runway, just moving with a boy's natural, lithe grace.

He stopped and turned in a little circle. "What do you think?"

Lex ate him up with hungry eyes. "Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous."

Clark's cheeks colored with pleasure. "What would you like to see next?" His voice was soft, pliant. He clearly understood how much it turned Lex on to call the shots.

"Black suit. Plum shirt. Black tie."

Clark undressed, and this time he lingered, slowly taking the new outfit out of the bags and boxes, turning this way and that, showing off his body. Clearly, he liked being looked at, and that was really quite convenient, since Lex very much enjoyed looking at him.

In the suit, Clark could pass for a young executive down at LexCorp, sleek, even predatory. He walked back and forth across the living room again, only this time it was more of a prowl, and Lex's arousal became unbearable in its intensity.

Clark stalked over to him, and Lex's heart started to pound. Clark took the glass from his hand, had a sip, made a face and put the tumbler down on the table.

"That's twenty year old Scotch you're turning your nose up at," Lex said.

Clark shrugged. "I just don't have a taste for it." He climbed onto the chair, moving seductively, putting one knee on either side of Lex's hips, straddling his lap.

Lex could feel the heat of Clark's body soaking through his clothes. His breath caught in his throat. "No?" But he barely knew what they were talking about anymore.

"No. But I do have a taste for other things." He kissed Lex's neck, his teeth gently scraping the skin.

Lex couldn't hold back a groan.

"Thank you for today. For lunch," he said, between kisses. "For the beautiful clothes. For everything."

Lex stroked his hands up and down Clark's back, luxuriating in the feel of finely woven wool and masculine strength.

Clark kissed him more insistently, pressing his hard-on against Lex's, making Lex gasp out loud. "I know what you want," he said, huskily.

"Oh, yeah?" Lex was breathing hard, and he could feel a flush starting to creep up his neck.

Clark smiled knowingly. "Yeah." He bent his head and whispered against Lex's ear, "I know you want to fuck me." Lex moaned. His hands tightened on Clark's hips. "And I want that, too. I want you to fuck me, Lex. So much."

"God. Clark." Lex pulled him into a fiercely possessive kiss, fingers wound tightly in his hair.

Clark kissed the side of his face and mouthed the line of his jaw, as he moved eagerly against him. "I want you. Only you, Lex."

"Yes." Lex's hands closed on Clark's arms as he tried to disentangle their bodies. "Now."

When Clark understood why Lex was pushing him away, he bounded up from the chair and took Lex's hand as they walked down the hall together. In the doorway of the bedroom, Lex pulled him in for another kiss, sliding his hands along the smooth lapels of Clark's jacket.

He'd been right. He was going to have just as much fun watching this suit come off as he had watching it go on.


Lex was not sentimental about first times so much as practical. How you lost your virginity influenced how you felt about getting fucked for a long time to come. And since he had every intention of fucking Clark as often as humanly possible, he wanted this to go well.

Clark stood by the windows in the bedroom. In the late afternoon light, he looked almost otherworldly, like some mythological god in a Renaissance painting. His gaze locked onto Lex, his eyes filled with questions, maybe even a little fear. But his cock was hard, outlined against the fabric of his fitted black pants, and he licked his lips in anticipation.

Lex knew there were people who would kill to have this, but Clark was his. All his.

He crossed the room and kissed Clark like he was trying to leave a permanent mark of ownership on him. He knew that Clark would moan and beg and tell him it was good, because that's just what hookers did. But he was determined to make all that enthusiasm real, to make this unforgettable. He wanted Clark so addicted to him, to his mouth and hands and cock, that he wouldn't be able to think about anyone else any time soon.

Clark broke the kiss, breathing heavily. His hands went to the buttons of his shirt. "Should I--"

Lex brushed them away. "Let me."

As erotic as it had been to watch Clark undress for him, Lex found an even bigger thrill in doing it himself. His fingers slid along the soft, finely woven cotton of the shirt, stroking over Clark's chest, teasing his already stiff nipples.

"Please," Clark begged. He pressed closer, and Lex could feel the heat and heaviness of his erection against his hip.

Lex only smiled. Clark had no idea yet what it really meant to be desperate, but he would, very soon.

Lex eased the jacket from his shoulders and flung it onto a nearby chair. Taking off beautiful clothes to get to a beautiful body was like unwrapping the best kind of present, and Lex liked to take his time opening his packages. He rubbed his hands in circles over Clark's hips and started to unfasten his belt.

"Yeah," Clark murmured.

Lex pulled the belt from the loops with infinite patience, the leather sliding deliberately across the fabric, teasing, arousing.

Clark shivered. "Please. Just get me naked."

Lex didn't answer, just kissed him, slick thrusts of his tongue that left Clark gasping. He eased Clark down onto the edge of the bed and dropped to his knees. Clark's hands settled onto his shoulders, squeezing, a sense of urgency radiating off him. Lex took off Clark's shoes, pulled off his socks and stroked each bare foot reverently, tracing the bones and the high, elegant arches. Clark moaned and opened his legs wider, his cock straining noticeably against his pants.

Lex rose up onto his knees and pressed himself between Clark's splayed thighs, leaning in for another kiss.

Clark cradled his head in his hands. "Just fuck me now. Please, Lex. I'm ready."

Lex laughed softly as he strung kisses down Clark's throat. "You're so impatient."

Clark's hands were clenched in his shirt. "I want you so much."

"And I want it to be good," Lex murmured, as he started to unbutton Clark's shirt.

The soft plum fabric fell away, revealing golden skin, and Lex ghosted his fingers over Clark's naked chest, leaning in to taste a nipple.

"Shit!" Clark gasped.

Lex sat back on his heels, opened Clark's pants and pulled them down. He could smell Clark's arousal, and there was a damp spot spreading on the front of his briefs. Lex traced it lightly with his finger.

Clark bucked up into his touch. "God. Please!"

Clark's thighs trembled and his hands shook, and Lex wasn't quite the paragon of self-control he'd liked to think himself. He quickly finished undressing Clark and took his cock in his mouth, without prelude.

Clark moaned and held Lex's head in place, insistently. It was exciting, although not strictly necessary. Lex had every intention of making Clark come as many times as humanly possible, and he planned to start right now. He lavished attention on Clark's cock, using his tongue and lips and the fine edge of his teeth, and Clark went off in his mouth, screaming his name.

Lex sat back and savored the moment. Clark looked raunchily mussed, hair wild, eyes wide and dazed, bright spots of color in his cheeks.

He got to his feet and stripped off his own clothes. "Come on." He held out his hand. "Let's go take a shower."

Clark took his hand and stumbled after him into the bathroom. Lex maneuvered him into the shower, under the warm spray. The water slicked Clark's skin, ran in rivulets down his long legs. Lex soaped his hands and ran them all over Clark's body, touching him everywhere. A teenager's libido was one of the great marvels of nature, and Clark started to get hard again.

Lex let his hand wander down Clark's back to his ass. He cupped the muscular cheeks and dipped one finger into the cleft.

Clark drew in his breath. "Are you going to--"

"Not yet. I want to fuck you in my bed. But this is going to feel good. I promise." He pressed a kiss to Clark's damp shoulder. "You're so beautiful." He lightly circled Clark's hole with his finger.

Clark murmured softly and closed his eyes. Lex grew bolder and gently pushed inside. Clark gasped and bucked up, pressing back against Lex's finger. His cock bobbed eagerly.

"Spread your legs for me. Lean forward, put your hands against the tile."

Clark did, making desperate little noises, his thighs trembling. Lex stroked him inside, deeper and deeper, until Clark cried out, "Shit!" His body went rigid and then a tremor passed through him like he'd been hit by lightning.

"Feels so good, doesn't it?" he said against Clark's ear, stroking that hot spot deep inside him.

"God!" Clark started to shake.

Lex added another finger. "I bet that's even better."

Clark moaned. "Please! I need--" He glanced down at his straining cock. "Let me--"


Clark whimpered in protest.

"Trust me. It'll be good this way." Lex added a third finger, and Clark groaned loudly, frantically fucking himself on Lex's hand.

"That's it. Take what you need," Lex crooned to him. "Just close your eyes and come for me. Come on. Now." He thrust his fingers hard into Clark's body.

Clark screamed, and his cock went off, spewing all over the tile. His knees started to buckle, and Lex caught him, pulling him into his arms. Clark breathed heavily against his shoulder, his whole body shuddering.

"I didn't know it could be like that."

"Did you like it?"

Clark laughed softly. "I almost passed out. So, yeah, I'd have to say I did."

Lex kissed him. "Good." He smiled, rather smugly. "Come on. Let's dry off."

They got out of the shower, wrapped themselves in fluffy towels and padded back to the bedroom.

Lex nodded toward the bed. "Go lie down. On your stomach."

Clark looked a little nervous, but there was heat in his eyes, too. He let his towel fall to the floor and settled onto the bed. Lex pulled out a bottle of massage oil, poured a little into his hands and warmed it. He knelt on the bed beside Clark and started to knead his shoulders.

"It'll help you relax," he said.

Clark sighed. "God. That feels amazing. How'd you get so good at giving massages?"

"I had a Swedish nanny who taught me." Lex started to work his way down Clark's back.

"Mmm," Clark moaned softly and started to push his hips into the mattress.

Lex stroked the soft swell of Clark's ass, his touch lighter, more erotic. "That's right. Just let go."

Clark was breathing hard, and Lex urged him up onto his hands and knees. Clark opened his thighs wider, giving Lex access, permission. Lex spread his cheeks and ran the tip of his tongue along the cleft.

Clark sucked in his breath. "God!"

Lex held his hips still and continued his exploration, working his way back to the little hole, tonguing, stroking with his fingers. Clark moaned, and Lex pushed his tongue inside, breaching him.

"Fuck!" Clark screamed, his whole body shaking.

Lex made sloppy love to Clark's body, and Clark babbled mindlessly, a stream of broken sentences and whimpered pleas and Lex's name over and over again. Clark was boneless and gasping, and Lex was so hard he hurt.

He pulled on a condom, his hands shaking, lubed Clark and himself, and pressed his cock against Clark's entrance. "Are you ready?"

"Yes! Just fuck me, Lex. Fuck me now." He spread his legs wider in encouragement.

Lex had never been one to go trolling for virgins. He just liked sex. He didn't particularly care how many other people his partner had fucked. But as he slowly sank into Clark's body, he was profoundly aware that he was the first, the only. Clark was so tight and so sweet, and all for him.

"Mine," he said, as he started to thrust.

"God, yes. Yours. All yours, Lex. Fuck me. Please."

He rocked his hips harder, fucking in earnest, and Clark pushed back, meeting every thrust. Lex snaked his hand around Clark's body to stroke his cock. Clark whimpered. His shoulders shook. His thighs trembled. He pushed back frantically against Lex's cock and forward into his hand.

"Lex! God-- I'm going to--" His body went stiff, and he spurted in Lex's hand, screaming his name.

Lex squeezed his eyes tightly shut as Clark's spasming body pulled the orgasm out of him. Clark collapsed onto the bed, and Lex slumped against him, trying to catch his breath. When he could make himself move, he carefully pulled out, threw the condom in the trash and lay down beside Clark.

Clark burrowed against him. Lex brushed the hair back from his forehead. "How do you feel?"

"Mmm. Fantastic."

"Good." Lex pulled him into his arms.

"You wore me out, though," Clark said drowsily.

Lex pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "Go to sleep."

Clark nodded. "And when we wake up, we can do it again." He sounded quite pleased at the prospect.

Lex fell asleep smiling.


The next morning, Lex was up at the usual hour, the sun just beginning to glow red on the horizon. He straightened his tie in the mirror and pulled on his jacket, the room still in shadows. He made it a habit to get to the office before everyone else. It kept his people on their toes.

Clark lay sleeping, comfortably sprawled, his long legs tangled in the covers, only a corner of the sheet draped over his hips, leaving little to the imagination. Lex smiled. Even the steamiest fantasies couldn't rival the reality of their first time together. Or the second. Or third.

He crossed the room and bent to give Clark a quick goodbye kiss. Clark sighed softly. His mouth opened beneath Lex's, and he kissed back lazily.

Lex stroked his cheek. "Morning."

Clark blinked up at him sleepily. "Mmm. Morning." He rubbed his hand over the sleeve of Lex's pinstriped suit. "You look amazing. Where are you going?"

Lex smiled. "It's Monday, and I have to go to the office. You may have heard of the concept?"

Clark looked thoughtful and then shook his head. "Nope. Doesn't sound familiar." He propped himself up on his elbow. "So what should I do today?"

"Whatever you like." Lex let his fingers wander along the soft skin of Clark's arm, down his belly, over his hip. He nudged the sheet away. He really did have to go, but he just couldn't resist. "There are DVDs and video games in the living room if you want to stay in. Or if you decide to go out, I left some cash and a credit card on the table. Get anything you need, go anywhere you want."

Clark smiled and stretched, giving Lex a better view of his body. His cock rested against his thigh. As Lex's greedy gaze traveled over his bare skin, it began to stir.

Lex swallowed hard, his throat going dry. "I'll call you later."

"Mmm. Okay." Clark shifted on the bed. "I guess I'll just have to find some way to amuse myself." He rubbed his hand between his nipples, his eyes fastened on Lex, his cock starting to fill.

Lex could only stare, his mouth hanging open, as Clark's hand wandered down over his belly, into the tangle of hair and finally to his cock.

"Or you could stay home with me, and we could find something to do together." Clark's fingers trailed along his erection, making Lex's cock twitch in response.

Lex had to clench his hands into fists at his sides to keep from touching him. "Unfortunately, I have a meeting with my board of directors. I don't think they'd understand if I just failed to show up."

Clark rubbed his cheek against the pillow. "That's too bad." He sighed and spread his legs. "I guess I'll just have to lie here and think about you then. If you're sure you can't stay." He fisted his cock, his eyes never leaving Lex's face.

Lex made a strangled noise in the back of his throat. Briefly, he entertained excuses he could make to his assistant, but the meeting really was important. And Clark would be here when he got home tonight. That was the point of their arrangement, after all.

"I have to go," he said, making himself move toward the door. "I'll see you later."

Clark didn't answer. There was just the soft fleshy sound of his hand moving on his cock, along with the little grunts and whimpers he made as he started to jerk off. Lex didn't look back. If he did, he knew he'd never leave. He was halfway down the hall when he heard Clark call out in a breathy voice: "Oh, God. Lex. Yeah. Touch me. Just like that."

He sucked in his breath and stopped in his tracks. God. He deserved an award for willpower for walking away from that. He allowed himself one brief stroke of his hand down the front of his pants, his hard cock jerking eagerly at his touch. He really did have to get to that meeting. He readjusted himself and hurried to the elevator before he changed his mind.

At the office, he said a cheerful good morning to the security guard behind the desk, to the other people on the elevator, even to Marvin, the afraid-of-his-own-shadow temp who was filling in for his assistant June while she was out on maternity leave. That everyone seemed rather surprised he was in a good mood was something he chose not to analyze.

He joined his board of directors in the conference room, and they breezed through the agenda, reaching several important decisions on LexCorp's expansion efforts. He returned to his office, and his assistant came scuttling in after him.

"Um-- Mr. Luthor?"

"Yes?" he said, briskly.

This seemed to fluster Marvin. "There's, uh-- He says he has an appointment, but I don't have it down in my book. Sam Phelan?"

"Send him in. Hold my calls."

Marvin hesitated, as if he didn't quite know how to sort out of the contradiction between what was written in the planner and what Lex was telling him. Lex cast an icy glare in his direction, and that finally jolted him into action.

"Right away, Mr. Luthor." He hurried away.

Lex sighed. He could only hope June didn't plan on having any more children anytime soon. He pulled the notebook out of his briefcase with the information he'd collected so far on Clark. Phelan sauntered in a moment later.



The ex-cop settled in the chair across from him. "So you've got a job for me." The corners of his mouth turned up smugly.

Lex's jaw tightened. He'd really hoped to be through with Phelan for good, but the man was just too effective not to use him for something this important. "I need you to find out about someone for me."

"Got a picture?"

He handed Phelan a casual photo he'd taken of Clark at the penthouse. "But it's just for your reference. I don't want you showing it around. This needs to stay completely confidential."

"May take longer that way."

"Doesn't matter. I want it done right."

"So what else can you tell me?" Phelan took out a small notebook. "I don't suppose you have a name?"

"Clark. I'm pretty sure that's not made up. I don't know the last name."

Phelan studied the photograph. "Looks young."

"Somewhere between sixteen and twenty-one, I'd guess." Phelan's knowing smile made him feel like he needed a shower.

"From Metropolis?"

"Possibly. But my guess would be one of the small towns in the surrounding area. You should look for families with a son who's gone missing in the last four months or so. Also they may have suffered some other loss. Someone may have been hurt. Check for some kind of accident."

"Like what?"

"That's what I'm paying you to figure out," Lex snapped.

Phelan held up his hand. "Hey, relax. I'm just trying to get all the information."

"Well, that's all I have. I'm expecting you to do the rest."

Phelan's eyes glinted. "Don't I always?" He stood up. "I'll be in touch when I have something to report." He let the door slam behind him.

Lex let out his breath. Seeing Phelan again was like crawling through the grimy underbelly of his own past. He certainly didn't enjoy it. But he couldn't trust finding out the truth about Clark to anyone less resourceful.

Lex leaned back in his chair and let his mind drift to thoughts of Clark. Last night had been perhaps the most exciting night of his life, and that was saying something. He was hardly a shrinking violet. Of course, he'd been careful and gentle the first time he'd taken Clark. He was still just a kid after all, sweet virgin boy. But the second and third times-- well, things had gotten rather out of control. Lex hadn't even intended to fuck him again that night. But, God, the way Clark begged for it. Just remembering it left him with a hot sensation in the pit of his stomach.

He picked up the phone. He'd been waiting to do this all morning, savoring the anticipation. He dialed, and Clark picked up on the first ring.


"Sitting by the phone, huh?"

Clark laughed softly. "Okay, so I was kind of hoping you'd call." He sounded genuinely happy, and that warmed Lex.

"Everything all right?"

"Yeah. Well, except that you're not here. Otherwise, everything's good. Hey, you didn't tell me you have, like, every Xbox game ever made. And Playstation, too. It's like an arcade right here in your living room."

"I didn't know you liked video games."

Clark snorted. "Who doesn't?"

Lex smiled. "So I take it you're suitably entertained, then?"

"Yeah." His voice dropped huskily. "Although not as entertained as I hope to be when you get home."

Lex shifted in his chair, pressing the heel of his hand against his throbbing cock. "Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah." Clark's voice was soft, silky. "I've been thinking about it. About you and me and what we did last night. I want it so much. I want to do it in every room of the apartment. What do you think about that?"

"I think you have some very interesting ideas. I think--" He was about to share some interesting ideas of his own when Marvin came scurrying in, his expression more worried than usual, his timing just as appalling.

"What, Lex? What do you want? Tell me." Clark's voice was both earnest and sultry, and Lex could just picture the expression on his face.

"I wish I could-- But--"

Clark laughed. "Someone's there, huh?"


"Okay. I'll let you go. But come home soon?"

The need sounded so genuine, and it got under Lex's skin. "Soon," he said, softly. "I promise."

"Good," Clark said with satisfaction. "Bye, Lex."

"Bye." He hung up and looked impatiently at Marvin. "Yes?"

"Um-- Something came for you. A fax. From that research thing--"

"Cadmus Labs?"

"Right. That's the place. It's marked urgent."

"So give it to me." Lex held out his hand.

"It's just-- I don't think you're going to like it." Marvin handed over the fax reluctantly.

Lex perused it. "What the fucking hell?" He could feel his blood pressure going up.

Marvin held up hands, looking a little panicked. "That's all I know. Honest."

The document was a press release from LuthorCorp announcing a new, more environmentally friendly agricultural-grade pesticide. It also happened to be a product under development at Cadmus Labs, that LexCorp had been poised to introduce in the next few weeks. It was something so top secret that only the highest level of management at Cadmus and a few select people at the corporate office knew anything about it. And yet, his father had managed to get his hands on it and beat Lex to market. He ground his teeth together.

"I want security teams to sweep every LexCorp office for listening devices."

Marvin scribbled a note on his pad. "Right."

"And get me personnel records on everyone at Cadmus, as well as the research and development team here."


"Well, what are you waiting for? Go!"

Marvin nearly jumped out of his skin. "Of course, Mr. Luthor. Right away, sir."

He rushed off, looking rather relieved to get away. Lex's cell phone rang, and he glared at it. Only a few people had this number, and he had no doubt who was calling.

"What?" he barked into it.

"Lex. My boy. You sound rather testy. Is everything all right?"

He let out his breath and tried to regain his composure. "What do you want, Dad?"

"Do I need a reason to call my own son? I hope your bad temper doesn't mean something's gone wrong at that little startup venture of yours."

"I will figure it out, Dad. You know I will."

His father laughed. "Of course, I have no idea what you mean."

Lex's grip tightened dangerously on the phone. "No, of course you don't. So you also won't know what I mean when I say that I won't forget this anytime soon." He hung up and hurled the phone across the office.

He spent the rest of the day wading through personnel reports, trying to find a suspect, yelling at the director of Cadmus for not doing a better job protecting their research, checking in with the security teams that were sweeping his buildings, and just generally being in a pissy mood.

By the end of the day, he'd learned little, if anything. He threw the rest of his paperwork into his briefcase and headed home.

At the penthouse, he got off the elevator. The living room was empty, but he could hear stirring in the kitchen. He tossed his jacket and briefcase onto a convenient chair and headed straight for the bar. He poured himself several fingers of Scotch and threw back half of it in the first gulp.

"Lex?" Clark stood in the doorway, watching him.

"Clark." He finished his drink and poured another.

"Bad day, huh?"

Lex's grip tightened on the glass. "You could say that."

Clark came to stand next to him. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not really. I just--" He drew Clark in for a kiss, fingers tangling in his hair.

Clark made a soft sound and pressed closer. They kissed until Lex started to hate the world a little less.

"I'm sorry you had a bad day." Clark gently stroked Lex's shoulder.

Lex brushed their lips together. "At least things are starting to look up now."

Clark smiled. "You need to unwind a little. Come on." He guided Lex over to a chair and knelt in front of him. "Just lean back and close your eyes and relax, okay?"

He murmured softly as Clark opened his pants and became downright unintelligible as Clark's hot, sweet mouth descended on his cock. He tried to buck up, wanting more, but Clark held him still, refusing to rush, giving him the chance to sink slowly, thoroughly into his pleasure. He let his head fall back, ran his fingers through Clark's soft hair and let Clark take care of him, gasping his name when he came.

Clark tucked him gently back into his pants. "Better?"

Lex wiped the last of his come from Clark's lips. "Better."

Clark smiled up at him, his eyes shining. "Good." He rubbed his hands up and down Lex's thighs. "So here's what I think we should do now. I'm going to order a pizza, and we're going to eat it while I show you how Halo should really be played."

Lex's lips quirked. "Oh, yeah?"

Clark rose up on his knees to kiss him, open-mouthed and sloppy and arousing. "Yeah." His eyes darkened. "And then we can go to bed and work some more on helping you relax. What do you think about that?"

Lex stroked his finger along one beautifully sculpted cheekbone. "I think it's a plan."


In the past, business before pleasure was an axiom Lex had subscribed to pretty much without question or hesitation. Now that Clark had arrived, he still practiced it, although with far more resentment.

It was the fourth time this week he'd come home to find the penthouse dark and silent, making him wish just for an instant that he weren't the boss. He didn't even bother to check his watch. He knew it was an ungodly late hour. He dropped his briefcase by the door and let out his breath, relieved to finally be finished for the day, so exhausted the short walk to the bedroom seemed dispiritingly far. He detoured past the bar to pour himself a Scotch and trudged down the hall.

The last few weeks had been a blur of work. Shoring up security had taken precedence over everything else, demanding long hours every day. The investigation into the leak of the new product lumbered along. The team of industrial espionage specialists he'd called in were sifting through the company's records, mapping all communications in and out of the company over the past few months, looking for patterns, leads, anything that might point to a suspect.

The process was painstaking, and Lex needed to be patient. That's what they kept telling him anyway. Unfortunately, patience had never been one of his virtues.

Of course, business still went on as usual. A variety of other problems had cropped up, instability in the Asian market, production delays at several of their factories, a contract dispute with a key client. It all added up to long hours, no sleep and no Clark.

He stopped in the doorway of his room to finish his drink and watch Clark. After many nights of coming home to find him sacked out on the sofa, Lex had finally convinced him not to wait up anymore. He was always too tired at the end of a long day to make love, and there was no point in both of them being worn out.

On the plus side, he did enjoy these quiet moments, watching Clark asleep in his bed, looking like he couldn't possibly belong anywhere else. Moonlight streamed in through the window, and Lex studied him, the tousle of dark hair against the pillow, the elegant curve of his bare back. A warm, satisfied feeling surged through him. It was good to be home.

He took off his clothes, threw them across the back of a chair and slipped into bed. He molded himself to Clark's back, kissed the unruly curls, pressed his face into the warm hollow of Clark's neck and breathed him in. It was amazing how comforting Clark's sweet, clean boy smell was, how quickly it had become familiar, like there had never been anyone else.

After Helen, he never thought he'd feel anything even close to this ever again. In the months following the debacle of their marriage, after he'd recovered physically if not exactly emotionally, he'd slept his way through half of Metropolis, usually drunk out of his mind, a different face, different body every time. He would wake up in the mornings with the stale aftertaste of the night before in his mouth, the smell of a stranger on his skin, and the dizzying emptiness of it made everything seem unbearably bleak.

It had become such a sweet relief to have Clark in his arms every night, to wake up to him every morning. It had grown disturbingly easy to forget the weekly checks that kept him there, to pretend this had nothing to do with money.

"Lex," Clark murmured drowsily.

Lex kissed the top of his head. "Go back to sleep."

Clark shifted in his arms, turning to face him, dropping a kiss to his chest. "I'm glad you're home.

His hand skimmed over Lex's hip, along his thigh. Even though Lex had gotten, at best, six hours of sleep in the past three days, his cock still stirred with interest.

"Mmm." Clark reached for his erection.

Lex caught his hand and kissed it. "Sleep now."

"But I've missed you."

Lex tightened his arms around him. "Tomorrow," he said, already starting to drift off.

"Mmm. Good." Clark snuggled against him. "Tomorrow."


The next morning, the sun was bright in Lex's eyes when he woke up. He scrubbed his hands over his face. There was a full day of meetings ahead of him, he needed to get in touch with his people in Britain first thing, and somehow he'd managed to oversleep. Sadly, it seemed spending time with Clark was going to have to wait a little while longer.

He started to slip out of bed, but a hand closed around his wrist and hauled him back. "Clark, I'm going to be late."

"You promised me."

"I know but--"

Clark flipped him onto his back and climbed on top of him. "But nothing." He held Lex down, lined up their cocks and started to thrust.


Clark grinned. "Exactly."

Bright sparkles of pleasure shot through Lex, making it nearly impossible to care about business, even though he really, really needed to. "You have to stop." It sounded feeble, even to him.

Clark ended the debate with a wet, raunchy kiss, all porn tongue and possession, and Lex was no match for that. He locked his legs around Clark's waist, dug his fingers into his shoulders, and held on for the ride.

"Yeah, yeah," Clark chanted, moving faster, pushing his hips harder against Lex's, pressing him into the mattress.

Lex came, and Clark quickly followed. They lay tangled together, sweaty and panting. Clark leaned in for a kiss. "Aren't you glad you're going to be late now?"

He nipped lightly at Clark's lower lip. "You've sold me on the joys of tardiness." He gave Clark another quick kiss and wiped himself off with the corner of the sheet. Oddly, though, he still felt wet and sticky. He tried again and again, but he couldn't seem to get clean.

Lex's eyes shot open, and he looked around in confusion. The room was still dark, the sun not yet up. Clark lay heavily against him, sleeping soundly, and Lex's belly was indeed wet and sticky. It was sad, really, that he'd been reduced to getting off in his sleep when his real-life wet dream was lying right next to him.

He sighed. Unfortunately, he did need to talk to the London office as soon as possible, and there was a meeting at eight. He got up as quietly as he could. Clark didn't stir. He padded into the bathroom, and half an hour later, he was dressed and ready to go. He paused by the side of the bed. In his sleep, Clark looked so young and boyish, and Lex's throat tightened. He bent to kiss his forehead but stopped himself. If he woke Clark up, it would be just as difficult to leave as it had been in the dream.

The morning passed in a blur. It wasn't until after lunch that he had time to think about anything that wasn't a report in his hands or a pressing decision that needed to be made.

He was just about to dial the penthouse when his assistant buzzed him. "You have a call from Clark?"

"Put him through." He picked up the phone. "Clark."

"Hey." Clark's voice was soft, disappointed, maybe even hurt.

Lex let out his breath. "Look, about this morning--"

"I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I just-- You could have woken me up and let me kiss you good-bye."

"It wouldn't have stopped at a kiss."

"Would that be so bad?"

"When I have an eight o'clock meeting? Yes. But I will make it up to you. I promise. Tonight--"

"No. Not tonight. Now."

"Clark, I can't just leave--" There was an odd sound on the other end of the line, and Lex realized with a sharp jolt that it was heavy breathing. "Oh, no. No. Don't even think about it."

Clark sighed softly. "It feels so good, Lex. So good."


"I took my shirt off. I have my pants open. I want to touch myself so bad, Lex. That's what I do when you're not here. I think about you, about all the things I want you to do to me."

Lex's skin felt too hot beneath his clothes. His cock strained in his suddenly too-tight pants. "Clark. We can't--"

"Do you know what I used to fantasize about back at the club before we met? I want to tell you, Lex. I want you to listen and touch yourself and pretend it's happening. Please." Clark's voice was breathy and urgent, and there was no resisting it. Lex moaned softly and eased his zipper down. His cock surged beneath his hand.

Marvin, with his usual flair for choosing the worst possible moment, rang him on the intercom. "Mr. Luthor, you have a call from--"

Lex jabbed at the button. "No interruptions!"

Marvin made a little squeak. "Uh. Sorry."

The intercom went dead. Lex went back to what was important. "Are you still there?"

"Mmm. Yeah. I took my clothes off. My cock is so hard it hurts, Lex. That's how bad I want you. How bad I've always wanted you. I used to see you at the club and imagine all kinds of things."

Lex's cock twitched in his hand. "Like what?"

"Like I'm on the dance floor, all by myself. The music is so loud, and I can feel it all through my body, everywhere. And I just have to move and move. The room is so hot, and I'm not wearing a shirt. Sweat runs down my back, and I'm so hard. All the men are staring. They want to touch me, but I don't care. Because you're there, sleek and beautiful and perfect. And you're watching me, too. And I can't see anybody but you. Don't want anyone else. Ever."

Lex's breath caught in his throat. "God, Clark." His hand moved faster on his cock.

"I touch myself all over, trying to get you to come to me. I run my hands over my hips. Play with my nipples. Rub my cock through my pants. To show you. All yours, only yours."

Lex growled in the back of his throat. "Damned right you're mine."

"You finally decide to show everybody that. You get up and walk over to me. And I can't breathe. I want you so bad. You get closer and closer, but you don't touch me. I can feel your heat, but not your skin. And I think I'm going to die if you don't put your hands on me. You finally do, your arms around my waist, pulling me against you, and then I know I'm going to die. Because you're everywhere, your body and your mouth and your hands, all over me. And, God, it's too much. Too good."

"I'm going to fuck you so hard." Lex thrust forcefully into his fist.

Clark moaned. "Oh, yeah. Yeah. You open my pants and spin me around. I can feel your hard-on against my ass. The music gets even louder, and we're moving to it. Everybody is still watching. You push my pants down and bite my neck. Because I'm yours. I've never let anybody else fuck me, because it had to be you. Only you. You tease me and tease me, your cock sliding against me, making me crazy. Until you finally just do it, push inside me, make me scream."

"You're so hot and tight. I can't believe how good you feel."

"And you're so big, like I always knew you would be. You fill me up, and it's better than I ever imagined. You fuck me so hard I'm never going to stop feeling it."

Lex panted. There was the familiar heat in the pit of his stomach, the pressure at the base of his cock, the tingling all down his back.

"The other guys are staring and jerking off. But they can only look, not touch. I like that. Like it so much. I'm getting really close..." Clark made a half-strangled noise. Apparently, Lex wasn't the only one on the brink. "And then... Then...You come inside me. Right there on the dance floor. And I...come in my hand. And everybody knows. They know...I you."

Lex had to bite his lip to keep from screaming, pleasure hitting him like a runaway train, wave after wave of come spraying his desk. He collapsed back against his chair, deep shudders running through his body, as he struggled to catch his breath.

It took a while to pull himself together enough to speak. "Clark?" There was no answer. "Clark? Are you there?"

He heard muffled sounds and then Clark's voice, "Yeah. Sorry. Dropped the phone." He laughed. "I'm kind of a mess here."

Lex smiled softly. "Yeah, me too."

"You're not mad then?"

"I don't think anger is the typical reaction after you've had a mind-melting orgasm."

"Really?" Clark sounded quite pleased with himself.


"So...will I see you tonight?"

Lex thought about all the financial data to wade through and the second quarter reports to review and everything else that needed his attention. Then, again, some of the most important business deals happened outside the office, at charity events and art openings and all the places the people who ran the world liked to congregate. He'd been neglecting that part of his CEO duties for too long, not to mention neglecting Clark.

"Be ready at seven. Wear something nice. I'll send the limo for you."

"Cool! Where are we going?"

"Someplace where I can show you off."

He could feel Clark's smile even if he couldn't see it. "I can't wait."

"Me, either. See you soon." He hung up and buzzed his assistant. "Call the organizers of the Metropolis Opera benefit and tell them I will attend after all, along with a guest."

"But you told me to decline that invitation."

Lex sighed. "Well, now I'm telling you to accept it."

"Oh." Marvin sounded rather flummoxed that Lex would actually change his mind. "Okay, then."

Lex rolled his eyes. He had the days marked on his calendar until June returned. The time could not pass quickly enough.


The limo pulled up in front of LexCorp Tower promptly at 7:30. The driver opened the door and Lex slid inside. Clark smiled at him. He was sleek in a navy suit, his hair smoothed back, making him look older and rather glamorous. Lex pulled him in for a thorough kiss.

"Mmm," Clark sighed against his mouth. "I'm so glad to see you."

"Me too. You look amazing."

Clark's cheek went pink. "Thanks."

Lex smiled and kissed him again. It was a delicious contradiction, that the boy who'd shared his raunchiest fantasy over the phone just that morning while they'd both jerked off could blush at a simple compliment.

"So where are we going?" Clark asked, his face bright with curiosity.

"A benefit for the Metropolis Opera. It's good to make the rounds, shake the right hands."

"Oh." Clark's eyes dropped to the floor.

"What's the matter?"



He sighed. "It's just-- It sounds fancy. Not exactly what I'm used to. I don't want to embarrass you."

"Hey." Lex tilted Clark's chin up, making him meet his eye. "You could never embarrass me. There's no need to be nervous."

Clark didn't particularly looked convinced. Lex rubbed his arm. "I know what will help."

He pressed a button on the armrest, and the window separating them from the driver slid closed. He slipped off the seat and onto his knees in front of Clark.

"What are you doing?"

Lex reached for the fly of his pants. "Helping you relax."

Clark sucked in his breath. "God." Lex pulled his cock free from his underwear and went down on him. "Oh, my God!" Clark's cock was instantly hard in his mouth.

They didn't have much time, and Lex wanted it quick and dirty anyway. He liked the way it made Clark clutch at his shoulders, liked the noises that streamed out of him, the way he shook all over when he shot in Lex's mouth.

By the time they pulled up outside the opera house, he was tucking Clark's spent cock back into his pants and wiping the come from his lips. Clark was now appealingly mussed. His eyes sparkled, and he looked anything but nervous.

There was a small crowd waiting on the sidewalk when they got out of the limo. Large society gatherings like this attracted the press and curious on-lookers.

Clark reached for his hand, but then quickly pulled away. "Sorry," he whispered. "I wasn't thinking."

Lex took his hand and held on to it firmly as they walked to the entrance. "We wouldn't be here if this wasn't okay."

Clark blinked. "I just assumed--"

"That's one good thing about being a Luthor, Clark." He smiled, showing his teeth. "You can do whatever you want and flaunt it with impunity." He leaned in for a quick kiss. "Besides, how will we make people jealous if they don't know we're lovers?"

"Lovers," Clark repeated, a smile lighting up his face. If Lex's bisexuality weren't already common knowledge, this would have made it well worth coming out.

Inside, the room was bathed in golden light from the elaborate crystal chandeliers and festooned with enormous flower arrangements in porcelain vases. Tables of food lined the walls, and there were two large bars set up at either end of the room.

"Wow," Clark said. "It's beautiful."

Lex squeezed his hand. "You're beautiful."

This earned him another brilliant smile, and Lex promised himself never to get so caught up in work again that he missed out on this. Clark wouldn't be his forever, and he had to enjoy him while he could.

They got drinks from the bar--Clark a soda, Lex a Scotch--and started to circulate. Lex rested his hand on the small of Clark's back and guided him over to the various people he needed to say hello to. Lex did most of the talking, while Clark smiled politely. More than one pair of eyes fastened on Lex with naked envy, much to his satisfaction.

They made a circuit through the room and then took a break, off to one side, enjoying a moment alone. Lex sipped his drink and studied Clark. He looked slightly distracted, like there was something on his mind.

Lex nudged him gently with his elbow. "Hey, everything all right?"

"Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's just-- I didn't think you'd introduce me to your friends." His voice went soft. "Thanks."

"You know, Clark, I'm not sure these people are exactly friends of mine. But as far as I'm concerned, they're lucky to get to meet you."

Clark's eyes turned a deeper, hotter color, and he leaned in to Lex. Before they could kiss, though, a familiar voice rang out. "Lex! You absolutely must introduce me to this handsome young man."

Lex sighed and plastered a smile on his face. "Mitzi. How nice to see you." He kissed her surgically smoothed cheek.

Mitzi Costner Kidderson was the acknowledged matriarch of Metropolis society, and for whatever reason, Lex had always been a great favorite of hers. He'd landed more than one important client based solely on Mitzi's recommendation of him.

"You're looking quite lovely tonight," he told her. "Where's Edgar? I'm surprised he's not sticking close to discourage your admirers."

She laughed girlishly. "Oh, Lex." She put her hand on his arm. "You're a terrible flatterer." Her wide smile said she didn't mind a bit. "But don't keep me in suspense any longer. I want to meet your charming young friend."

"Of course. Mitzi, this is Clark--" He hesitated. "Smith. Clark Smith. And Clark, this is Mitzi Costner Kidderson, a dear friend."

Clark held out his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Kidderson."

Mitzi took his hand. "Oh, my dear boy. The pleasure is all mine. Has anyone ever told you how absolutely, divinely gorgeous you are?" She waved her hand. "But of course, they have. What am I saying?"

Clark blushed fiercely. "Um. Thanks."

"Oh! And modest, too. How wonderfully endearing. You're just an absolute treasure." She turned to Lex. "I hope you know how lucky you are."

"I certainly do." He pulled Clark close and kissed him. Clark held himself stiffly at first, obviously not sure they should be doing this in front of a society lady. Lex licked at his lips until Clark sighed and leaned in and kissed back.

Mitzi stared, her eyes wide, a flush spreading along her cheeks. This was obviously more of a thrill than she usually got in her rarefied social circles, and Lex suspected this was exactly why she liked him so much, because he refused to play by anyone else's stuffy rules.

"Well, then. Yes." She recollected herself. "I'd best go say hello to the host, but it was lovely to meet you, Clark."

"You too, Mrs. Kidderson."

"And Lex." She whacked him playfully on the arm with her sequined evening bag. "Don't be a stranger."

He smiled genially. "I hope to see you very soon, Mitzi."

She waved and walked off, and Clark let out his breath. "She seemed nice."

Lex laughed. "Well, she certainly was taken with you."

He was rewarded with an adorable blush and was just about to suggest they call it an evening and head home to more interesting amusements. But unfortunately found himself cornered by Bill Taylor, majority owner of a company LexCorp was trying to do business with.

"Lex Luthor. I thought it was you."

"Bill." Lex held out his hand. "How are you?" The man's grip was clammy, his eyes too bright. Apparently, Bill had been taking full advantage of the open bar.

"I'm doing damned good, Luthor. Damned good." His words were slurred, his voice just a notch too loud. He nodded toward Clark. "Who's your pretty boy?"

Lex smiled coldly. Bill Taylor had to be the biggest horse's ass he'd ever met. "This is Clark Smith." He put his hand on Clark's shoulder. "Clark, this is Bill Taylor, a business associate of mine."

Bill shook Clark's hand, holding on too long. Clark leaned closer to Lex, and Lex put his arm around him, pulling him close to his side.

It was not a particularly subtle gesture, and Bill's face turned a deeper shade of crimson. "I stand to make your friend here quite a bit of money, did he tell you that?"

Clark looked uncertainly at Lex. "Um…well--"

"We don't really discuss business at home, Bill. I'm sure you understand. Marjorie probably isn't any more interested in hearing about it than Clark is."

Bill colored deeply at the mention of his wife. He tended to forget he was married, particularly in the company of attractive young men like Clark. "Of course, that's only if we decide to award LexCorp those contracts. I'm behind you all the way, of course. But I have to tell you, Luthor, my board's not completely convinced."

"Mmm," Lex said dispassionately. "Well, I'm sure if they review the offer they'll find it's more than generous. Far better than any of our competitors are willing to do."

"Business decisions aren't always made on numbers alone, Luthor. You know that. Sometimes, there are--shall we say intangibles--that factor in." He took a deep sip of his drink, leering at Clark over the rim of his glass.

Clark shifted nervously. Lex put a hand on his shoulder. "Weren't you going to go get me another Scotch?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I forgot. I'll just be a minute." He shot Lex a look of gratitude and hurried off to the bar.

Bill watched him go, ogling Clark's ass in a way Lex really didn't appreciate. "Your pretty boy is quite something, Luthor."

"I certainly think so," he said, contemplating the Nobel Peace Prize he deserved for such a display of restraint.

"You know, I really would like to award you those contracts."

"I'm confident we can do business to our mutual advantage."

"Yeah, that's the way business is. I scratch your back. You scratch mine. Know what I mean?" He nodded his head in the direction of Clark, who was standing in line at the bar.

Lex's jaw tightened, his polite smile disappearing. He knew perfectly well what the man was suggesting, and the idea of passing Clark around to his business associates to cement deals made him want to be violently sick.

"Pretty much all the scratching I'm going to do, Bill, is to give you a superior product for a competitive price. If you want to take us up on our offer, great. If not, that's fine, too." He nodded curtly. "Goodnight." And went to join Clark.

"Is everything okay?" Clark looked concerned.

"Everything's fine."

"He's not going to give you those contracts, is he?"

"He just likes to bluster. It's nothing to worry about."

"It's because of me. He wanted--" Clark looked down at the floor.

"The guy's an asshole, Clark. He likes to push his weight around. That's all."

"Would you like me to help you with the deal? I could--" He glanced in Bill Taylor's direction. "You know."

"Yes, I do know." He kissed Clark, framing his face with his hands. "And, no, I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't like it at all." A fiercely possessive note crept into his voice.

Clark looked rather relieved. He moved closer, put his hand on Lex's hip, rubbing his thumb in circles. "Would you like to take me home?"

Lex pressed his lips to Clark's neck and whispered against his ear, "Now, that I would enjoy."

Clark smiled and reached for him. They left the same way they'd arrived, holding hands.

Continued in Part Two.

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